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Manual Chain Hoists


Chain Hoists are the ideal solution for lifting and lowering heavy loads in a range of applications, including the engineering and construction industries. We carry an extensive range to meet your requirements.

  • Various sizes and chain lengths available
  • Longer chain lengths available on request

Technical Information

 Description S W L H O L Weight
Chain Hoist 0.5t 500kg 3 - 6m 13kg
Chain Hoist 1t 1,000kg 3-6m 16.5kg
Chain Hoist 1t 1,000kg 7-12m 18.0kg
Chain Hoist 2t 2,000kg 3 - 6m 27.0kg
Chain Hoist 2t 2,000kg 7 - 12m 29.0kg
Chain Hoist 3t, 2 fall 3,000kg 3 - 12m 32.5kg
Chain Hoist 5t, 2 fall 5,000kg 3 - 12m 60.0kg