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Chain Slings


 A range of 8 Chain Slings in various lengths including single, 2 and 4 leg configurations.  Shortening clutches are ftted as standard.

Variety of hooks can be provided.

Technical Information

Description Length S W L Chain Size
1m/3t Single Leg 1m 3,000kg 10mm
3m/3t Single Leg 3m 3,000kg 10mm
3m/4.25t Two Leg 3m 4,250kg@45o 10mm
5m/4.25t Two Leg 5m 4,250kg@45o 10mm
3m/6.70t Four Leg 3m 6,700kg@45o 10mm
6m/11.2t Four Leg 6m 11,200kg@45o 13mm