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The evolution of the cherry picker...

30 October 2018
What is it?
One of the most diverse pieces of equipment within the construction and engineering industry. Cherry Picker is the name for a large variety of machines with the sole purpose of elevating people and allowing access to work sites at height. Cherry pickers are usually controlled by the operator on the platform making jobs quick and easy.
What is the real name?
We can all agree that the cherry picker is one of the most useful pieces of equipment when your job requires getting to higher tasks. What we cannot seem to agree on is the name, other names include:
•              Aerial Platform Lift
•              Access Platform 
•              Boom (Boom Lift)
•              Man Lift
•              Hydraladder
•              Orderpicker
•              Articulating Boom
What would you call a cherry picker?
Where did the idea of a cherry picker come from?
I’m sure you could have a good guess as to where the name cherry picker came from. In 1944 a young boy called Jay Eitel was picking cherries, and came up practical solution to save him having to climb up and down the ladder. Jay came up with the first iteration of the cherry picker, placing the foundation of what would become a multi-billion dollar industry.
At first, the cherry picker had to be operated by two people, one in the basket and another to operate and move the basket. Today the cherry picker can be operated by a single person from the basket.
The modern cherry picker can now reach incredible heights, in difficult to reach places, making it one of the most effective pieces of industrial equipment ever invented.
Cherry pickers are the most popular piece of equipment in many industries and different situations. The range of uses are limitless including building maintenance such as cleaning, painting or repairing at height. Other uses include filming events or movies, street light servicing, tree maintenance or general construction.
The evolution of the cherry picker...