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Top 5 equipment essentials for autumn and winter…

30 October 2018
There’s something very satisfying about staying on top of your autumn chores and preparing for the cold and dark winter nights. Putting away your lawnmower and hedge cutter and replacing them with leaf blowers and pressure washers.
Here are the top 5 pieces of equipment you will need for these tasks.
1.Leaf blower
Leaf blowers are a vital tool for the autumn months when clearing away the debris scattered around your premises. As the name suggests its main purpose is clearing fallen leaves from your lawn or driveway. A leaf blower is also capable of moving litter, small twigs, stones and other types of debris.
2. Pressure washer
In autumn a pressure washer is the quickest and easiest way to remove the muck and grime from your pavements, patio or even windows. The power washer replaces the brush and shovel and the bucket and sponge. Making your autumn chores stress-free.
Backup generators get you up and running in times of emergencies, storms or floods when your electricity supply fails.
Generators will keep your businesses running day or night, providing the power needed to get the job done.
4.Log splitter
An open fire or wood-burning stove are one of the joys of the winter months. The easiest and quickest way to get your wood prepared is using an efficient log splitter. The days of struggling trying to split the most awkward logs have been replaced with the effortless pulling of a lever and letting the log splitter do all the work.
A chainsaw is an invaluable tool when clearing up your autumn and winter to do list chores. Whether you will be cutting up logs for firewood ahead of the winter months or taking care of trees which have fallen in the latest storm.
Autumn is the last chance to get your premises looking its best throughout the winter months. Enjoy ticking off your to do list with these 5 essential pieces of equipment, making your autumn chores quicker, easier and stress free.
Top 5 equipment essentials for autumn and winter…